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Cxmb плагин

CXMB plugin - works on all custom firmwares 3.71 - 6.61 + Infinity. CTF Themes - works only on the firmware, which the files it contains inside. Latest Version : CXMB universal: 3.71 - 6.61 Classic & 6.61 Infinity. Release Date : 2016/03/18. Notes for this version: Changelog: small fix. Added support for. Hello everyone, here is my mod version of CXMB plugin: CXMB for 6.61 mod by LMAN a Custom theme plugin for the PSP devices. Installation.

Frostegater (русский девелопер) обновил плагин CXMB от patpat Теперь добавлена поддержка прошивки 6.60 и устранён небольшой. To use the CXMB theme your PSP should be running a custom firmware with CXMB plugin installed on it. We have already seen how you can install custom. Oct 2, 2013 . CXMB for 6.60. This is a theme application software for 6.60 CFW PSPs. See this news article

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